How We Spent Our Spring Break!

We spent a couple of weeks making drawings and dictating comments to Mr. Merrick about our Spring Break! Simply Click “Comments” below this post and read a fascinating journal about how our Kindergarteners and 1st graders spent their spring holidays in 2009. Nothing gets posted without Mr. Merrick’s approval, so be patient if you add a comment of your own! Have fun!

Our drawings are here!, in two slideshows, one for Kindergarten and one for 1st grade. Parents, if you’d like to print your child’s picture, just visit the picasaweb gallery and save your child’s drawing on your home or office computer. It might be an excellent desktop wallpaper, by the way!!!

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Welcome to 2009! How We Spent Our Winter Break!

Hello there, world,

This is where we’ll put our posts about how we spent our Winter Break, this year from December 21 to January 4. Check back often for updates from all grade levels, K-4, at University School of Nashville!from

I added a bit of snow to the picture above (from with the Paint spray can tool :)

Students, add your posts in the form of comments here.

Parents! Add your own comments on the Parents’ Comment Page!


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Safety, Staying Healthy Video

4th graders comment here about the video we watched today, “Staying Safe: Strangers, Cyberspace & More” from Schlessinger Media. What stuck with you? Tell one thing you learned. Has anything ever happened to you that made you feel frightened or unsafe? What did you do?

If you were going to make a video about Safety, how would yours be different?

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Winter Break 2007-8!

Welcome to our Winter Break blog! We spent one or two class periods writing in the USN Lower School Technology for Learning Lab, in mid-January, about what we did over our Winter Break. For details about how each grade level approached this task, see the About the Winter Break 2007-8 Process page. Read on here about how to enjoy the remarkable internet document that is the result of our hard work. We welcome and encourage comments on this moderated blog. If you are moved to comment, please do so on the Parent Comments! page!

Click “Comments” below to read our work. Hint: Use the Ctrl-F search function of your browser to enter a student’s name if you’re looking for your child’s or any particular child’s post. Enjoy!!

!3rd Graders Blogging

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2007 Spring Break Posts!

Miranda and Colin in Disney World

Hello 3rd and 4th graders and their parents and friends!

We all did some pretty cool things over Spring Break this year. I took my two kids down to Disney World for a week of fun and frolic; but that’s not the point of this blog. The only reason it is here is to provide a place for my students to post comments describing how they spent their own vacation time. Whether it was a trip to the beach or hanging around the house, we’ll hear about it right here. 4th grade students will have just one class session to complete their post, so let’s get right down to it!

By the way, these posts are the result of an on-the-fly, first draft with a quick edit, process; they are not the usual Writing Process (1st draft, edit/revise, publish) procedure usually used in 4th grade writing.  Once students felt finished, I simply helped edit, and very quickly. I hope you enjoy the results as much as I do!

It’s all about blogging! Ready to read? Just click on the “Comments” link just below this one. To search for your child’s post, use CTR-F and type their name. Or just browse to your hearts’ content…

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Welcome to the Fourth Grade at USN!

Hey, ya’ll,

It’s blog comment time again! What was your favorite thing about fourth grade at USN? Comment below as instructed to let those rising fourth graders know that it’s not all work and that there’s alot to look forward to!

I know you’ve been working on memory books these past couple weeks. Draw on your favorite entry in those to comment here. I’ll share these with new fourth graders next year!

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Over Spring Break (2006) I…

Parents and teachers, thanks for visiting. First, a quick introduction of what you’ll find here: Over the school week of March the 27th-31, 4th grade students spent 20-30 minutes writing about their spring break and then after a very quick edit in which I worked the mouse and the student worked the keyboard and we looked over the writing together, we submitted each comment for publication. Please bear in mind while reading that you may find typos or misspellings but that these comments are more in the nature of a 2nd draft than a final one. Still, I think you’ll agree that the reading is interesting and that sharing in this way can help us gain a great deal of insight into how our children enjoyed their respite from the usual week of school days! Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any comments of your own!

NEW!: 3rd graders performed a similar exercise during an introduction to Microsoft Word. The each (assuming each was present for both computer labs) had two 20 minute or so periods to work on their comments. Their comments were saved to a network file, concatenated into one document, and finally added by me as a single comment. Read them, grouped by class, toward the end of the long batch of comments!

Here are my blogged directions for the Spring Break writing exercise:

Hey, ya’ll! Cheers from the Lower School Computer lab and welcome back from your Spring Break.

Whether you travelled to exotic places or stayed home and played your gamecube, went to a movie every day or read twelve new books, I want to know about it. Click on the “comments” link at the bottom of this post to add your comment. Make sure to enter your teacher’s name and yours the way I’ve shown you! Be as detailed as you possibly can in the time you have in the lab to make your comment!!!

Click “Comments” below to read on!

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